600w Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2024

Identifying the right hoover for your house is difficult, let alone the 600w dual cyclone vacuums. A perfect vacuum should be lightweight, sturdy, and easy to move and store. Most of the 600w dual cyclone vacuums have all these qualities.

If you want a cleaning device that has the right combination of power and efficiency, choose any one of the given 600w dual cyclone vacuums.

The 8 Best 600w Dual Cyclone Vacuums 2024

Here are our 8 600w dual cyclone vacuums reviews 2024.

1. Quest Handy 600w Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 2.1 kg
  • Bin capacity. 1 litre
  • Filter. Fabric

Double cyclone means high suction power and that’s why the handy vacuum from Quest is ideal for cleaning almost any area or object in your house. Whether it’s the stairs, curtains, ceilings or any tough-to-reach space, Quest vacuum is built for everything. So, without spending on an expensive full-fledged upright, you can purchase this vacuum for a dirt-free house.

Quest vacuum comes with a 1litre dirt bowl capacity, which is sufficient to clean a medium or large house. It has all the attachments that you generally need to clean the entire house. As it’s a bagless model, you will never have to invest in a replacement bag. Above all, you will not have to take care of the power cable while cleaning the house or storing the vacuum. It’s a cordless vacuum that gives you the flexibility to clean anywhere inside the house or garage.

The dual cyclone vacuum 600w is lightweight and has an ergonomic design to avoid much stress on your wrists. It takes one touch to empty the cylinder, and the filters are also washable. Its recommended to wash the filters regularly to maintain effective suction.

Energy efficiency class A means the vacuum will not contribute much to electricity bills. It works at a low sound level of 75dB, which means no one will know what you are up to! Overall, the handy vacuum has all the features that you expect from a handheld. However, it lacks auto-shutdown features, so you will have to take care of the same if you don’t want to waste precious electrical power.

Key features:

  • Dual cyclone power for excellent suction strength
  • Decent dirt carries the ability
  • Washable and reusable filters
  • Includes all the required accessories


2. Maxi Vac Twin Cyclone 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum

  • Weight. 2.2 kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.5 litre
  • Filter. Standard

Make housecleaning fast and efficient using the stick vacuum from Maxi Vac, which has the twin cyclone to provide excellent suction power. It has an ergonomic design that makes extended cleaning sessions look easier. As it uses bagless technology, you do not have to purchase replacement dust bags as well.

The 600w stick vacuum is sturdy and lightweight. Hence it’s an ideal cleaning solution for all the materials and areas between floor to ceiling. The stick vacuum has a 5-metre long power cable and an extension tube. Using these two components, you get a decent cleaning reach without much hassle.

Using the extension tube (66.2 cm) with the regular cleaner head, you can take care of carpets, hard floors and other flat areas. It also includes a crevice tool to clear the corners, narrow spaces and other tough-to-reach areas. The stick vacuum is compatible with a brush accessory built to clean the curtain and other fabrics. However, the brush is not included with the product; you have to purchase it separately.

To contain the collected dust particles, it has a standard filter and a transparent 0.5 lire dust bowl. The bowl has an easy to empty button that throws all the garbage in the dustbin without creating any mess.

The vacuum is energy efficient and has an ERP rating of A. So, even after being powerful, the stick vacuum will not irritate you with high energy bills. Blue and red; are the two colors available for this model; you can choose accordingly. On top of that, it’s inexpensive and can be easily adjusted in the monthly budget.

Key features:

  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Long power cable


3. VonHaus Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner – 2 in 1

  • Weight. 2.8 kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.8 litre
  • Filter. Standard

Clean almost everything in your house with the stick vacuum from VonHaus. Its powerful 600W engine generates a suction power of 13KPa that can draw the smallest of the dust and dirt particles. The vacuum uses dual cyclone technology to keep all the waste away from its filter. Due to these features, you will never notice any degrade in its suction power.

As you read from its name, it’s a two-in-one vacuum. You can change its regular upright mode to a portable handheld while cleaning small areas or objects. When erect, the vacuum cleans carpets, hard floors and other flat surfaces. Once you convert, it has the flexibility to clean other small materials. Due to its multifunctional form factors, you can conveniently use the vacuum for cleaning your car as well.

At 2.8 kg, the vacuum is comparatively lightweight, so you can quickly move it around the house. To make the cleaning session ever more convenient, the vacuum comes with three attachments. A small brush and a couple of crevice nozzles give access to the tightest corners and nooks. If you need to clean above the head areas, it has an aluminium extension tube that shuffles between 33 to 100 cm. It’s decent-sized dust cylinder is easy to empty as well. Due to its comfortable and trigger cleaning mechanism, you don’t feel any stress on the wrists.

Vacuum cleaners should be cost-effective in terms of electricity consumption. VonHaus agrees on the same and ships the vacuum with an A-class energy rating. Enjoy a clean house, but without any extra cost. It’s a one-time affordable investment that will keep your home clean for a long time.

Key features:

  • Suitable for all floor types; rugs or hardwood
  • Quickly converts from stick to handheld
  • Extendable telescopic tube
  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight


4. Quest 44850 Dual Cyclone 600w Vacuum

  • Weight. 2.23 kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.7 litre
  • Filter. HEPA

Use the dual cyclone handheld in office or residential areas; well, that’s the beauty and versatility of Quest 44850. It can be used as an upright to clean floors, and once you need to clean small areas or objects, you can convert it into a handheld. Also, the vacuum has an extendable aluminium tube that gives you access to areas where you can clean with bare hands. Read one and know more from our Quest 600w dual cyclone vacuum review.

Quest 44850 includes several attachments to make house cleaning easier. A has a floor brush, crevice nozzle, and an angled brush that gives you convenient cleaning across a house or office. The two-in-one vacuum is equipped with HEPA filters, so it will never reintroduce the captured dust particles back into the atmosphere. So, it’s a suitable cleaning solution for your house, especially if any of your family members are allergic.

Heavy vacuums can give you extra difficulties while cleaning an area. But, Quest hoover is lightweight and hence easy to take along outdoors as well. Comfortable grip and easy to reach buttons make the cleaning mission even more comfortable. Due to a compact form factor, you can clean your vehicles as well. A small footprint means the vacuum can be stored any were in your garage or car trunk.

Dust capacity of the vacuum is sufficient for a small and medium-sized house. Moreover, emptying the cylinder is easy and painless. Without touching the garbage, it directly goes into the dustbin once you press a button.

Key features:

  • Suitable for offices and residential areas
  • HEPA filtration makes it ideal for allergic individuals
  • Easy to empty dust cylinder
  • Includes all the required accessories


5. Oypla Handheld Cyclonic Handy Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 1.6 kg (Amazon has the wrong weight)
  • Bin capacity. 1 litre
  • Filter. HEPA

Sleek and lightweight handheld from Oypla is very easy to use. Don’t doubt the vacuum looking at its small size. With its powerful 600W motor, the vacuum can easily compete with its massive and expensive counterparts. The compact footprint of this vacuum cleaner makes it easy to store. It’s a bagless variant, so you only have to dislocate the dust catcher and empty the garbage without any mess.

The handy vacuum cleaner comes with nine attachments including a crevice tool, floor brush, extension tube and many more. Its extension tube gives you easy access to all the areas and makes the vacuum ideal for residential cleaning. Whether its ceiling cobwebs, stairs, curtains or other hard-to-reach corners, the long tube seems to be useful. Once combined with any of the included tools, the machine is even more helpful to clean the edges. The floor brush is an expert in dislodging accumulated dust so that you can complete the house cleaning in a fast and efficient manner.

HEPA filters are the best in terms of containing collected dust. Oypla vacuum utilises the same and gives an allergen-free atmosphere suitable for everyone. It has a 5-metre power cable that gives you an excellent cleaning radius, which is enough for a medium-sized apartment. Then, comes the weight that is not even close to a couple of kilograms. Comfortable handle and easy-to-reach controls give you some extra comfort while cleaning the room. Lastly, it has a large dust cylinder that can accommodate daily house-cleaning activities. The dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner is CE, GS, RoHS & CB Certified, so you can be assured that there are no hazardous materials in its construction.

Key features:

  • Wide range of accessories
  • HEPA filtration
  • Decent dust catcher
  • Lightweight
  • Lengthy power cable


6. Groundlevel 3 in 1 Stick 600w Dual Cyclone Vacuum

  • Weight. 3 kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.7 litre
  • Filter. Standard

The powerful stick vacuum can be easily transformed into a handheld. So, whether you are looking for a cleaner for in and around the house, office or car, choose the stick vacuum. Being lightweight, the cleaner is easy to use and manoeuvre over the stairs and other small areas.

As it comes from Ground level, the price is competitive, and you will not be able to find such features in a vacuum available for under 25 pounds. Moreover, built of high-quality materials, the vacuum is durable and sure to last for long.

With 600W motor, the vacuum generates active suction power cable enough to collect even the small dust particles. Its long telescopic tube facilitates easy floor cleaning and access to tight corners. Once collapsed, the vacuum turns into a handheld, and you can clean the small objects as well.

Using three of its attachments, including floor head, round brush and crevice attachment, there is nothing in your house that you cannot clean with the stick vacuum. After reading Ground level 600w dual cyclone vacuum review, we are sure that you definitely consider it as your household cleaning solution.

Key features:

  • Convertible to handheld
  • Powerful suction
  • Quality assured from groundlevel


7. Status GLENDALE1PKB Glendale 600w Vacuum

  • Weight. 2.32 kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.4 litres
  • Filter. Standard

If you are afraid of carrying a heavy vacuum, then choose Glendale by Status. It’s lightweight as well as portable, which makes house cleaning an easy task. The vacuum provides quick and effective cleaning results, without providing any stress to your back or wrist. Whether it’s the hard floors or the carpeted ones, the 600w vacuum removes all the dust and debris to give you a waste-free home. Its included two in-brush and crevice attachments that allow easy cleaning to the areas inaccessible in the past.

Changing the attachments is a straightforward process. The vacuum has a 4.5-metre power cable that allows you to clean any part of the house without any hassle. Moreover, its adjustable telescopic tube not only extends the cleaning radius but also gives you access to tricky corners. As the vacuum has a low profile design, clearing the under-furniture areas is very convenient. To clean soft materials, curtains, and other furnishings, you can use the included brush. For above-the-head areas like curtains and ceilings, its telescopic tube will be useful.

Emptying the dust cylinder after a cleaning session is convenient. All you have to do is press a button, and all the waste particles go directly to the dustbin. No dust touching is required. The filters attached to the vacuum works against the reintroduction of dust particles in the atmosphere, and you get clean air to breathe. To maintain the suction power and durability of the vacuum, it’s recommended to clean the filters regularly.

Just above 2 kilograms, the vacuum cannot be considered substantial, but the ABS plastic build makes the vacuum durable. Moreover, it works at 78dB, which is a low noise level when compared to other variants.

Key features:

  • Lightweight
  • High suction power
  • Easy to store
  • Extra-long cord for easy cleaning in and around the house.


8. DuraPro Portable 2 in 1 Dual Cyclone Vacuum

  • Weight. 2.2 kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.5 litres
  • Filter. Dual HEPA

The 600w two in one portable vacuum from DuraPro generates a suction power of up to 15000pa, which is sufficient to remove all the dust particles, including the smallest of them. All thanks to the cyclonic technology, whether you are using the portable vacuum on hard floors or carpets, you get desired cleaning results.

While cleaning the house, the weight of a vacuum plays a vital role in the results. If the cleaner is lightweight, you will have a satisfactory cleaning experience. DuraPro portable falls into the same league and is very easy to manoeuvre around the house.

The portable has three-stage filtration; a couple of HEPA filters combined with another stainless steel screen. So, the air is forced through three different screens to leave the dust particles, pet dander, pollen, smoke and come out clean and pure. If you are investing in this vacuum, you will get not only a thoroughly clean house but also pure air to breathe. It’s not only dual in one in terms of functionality, but also in terms of usage.

A vacuum cannot clean up to the mark without necessary attachments. It’s the reason why DuraPro has included three add-ons with this vacuum; an extension pipe, crevice nozzle, upholstery brush and an attractive carrying bag. Use the bag to keep the vacuum and all its accessories collected at the same place; safe and accessible.

Vacuum’s all-black design with a transparent dust cylinder looks attractive. Due to its clear dust cup, you will know when to throw the dust. It has a comfortable grip that makes house cleaning comfortable and makes you forget the word “cumbersome”. Controls are placed nearby your thumbs to make sure you never face any difficulty while starting or stopping the device.

Key features:

  • High suction power
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Includes all the required accessories


Upright, cylinder or handheld, a vacuum cleaner is required in every house or office. But, have you heard about 600W vacuums that are built with dual cyclone technology, which gives you better suction power?

Moreover, such vacuums are lightweight, inexpensive and come in various forms factors.

We already have given you the best; now it’s your time to choose the best among the given models. We hope today’s article will help buy the right 600w dual cyclone vacuum for your official or residential area.

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