Best Backpack Leaf Blower UK 2024

When the season changes and dry leaves start to clutter your lawn, it’s time to invest in one of the best backpack leaf blowers available.

A machine that is easy to use, simple to operate and can keep your garden or yard as fresh as possible.

If you are attached to handheld variants, you must know that backpack leaf blowers have some incredible advantages over standard ones.

So, we came up with nine highly recommended backpack blowers, starting with the Mcculloch GB355BP.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews 2024

Here are our 9 backpack leaf blower UK reviews 2024

1. Mcculloch GB355BP – Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 46 CC
  • Weight. 9.16 kg
  • Sound level. 95 dB

High powered Mcculloch GB355BP comes with a 46CC variable speed engine and cruise function. Using speed trigger, you can have powerful airflow on the driveway, but when it comes to flower beds; you can use a gentle airflow. The leaf blower produces 355 kph of blow speed, which is one of the maximum among all the backpack variants we have tested.

With a 46Cc engine, the leaf can even shift wet leaves if tried in the right way. Whether you have to clear the yard, patio, or gutter, it has the right power and airspeed to take care of all the unwanted leave and debris.

Weighing 9.16 kg, GB355BP is not the lightest backpack leaf blower, but due to its backpack design, all the stress is handled by your strong shoulders. Its padded straps are comfortable to wear, but you will not be able to use it correctly with your left hand. We know it’s an awkward downside, but this is the fact.

You can easily fuel the blower, and as it’s easy to start, you will not need the choke. The blowers operate smoothly and make minimal noise. It has a fuel capacity of 2.2 litres, which means it can blow for long before refuelling. Even you will find its instructions manual clear to follow.

Overall, Mcculloch GB355BP is a powerful and reliable backpack leaf blower, which is also comfortable to use. It assists you in clearing many areas and pathways and is an excellent addition if you have a lawn or garden with lots of shrubs and trees.

Key features:

  • Adjustable and comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • High airspeed
  • Adjustable trigger grip


2. Stihl BR600 – Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 64.8 CC
  • Weight. 11 kg
  • Sound level. 75 dB

Whether you want to clean your lawn from leaves or remove dry snow from the driveway, nay of these take a lot of effort. Thanks to leaf blowers like Stihl BR600, you can do such tasks easily that also in less time. Coming with a great deal of power, BR600 is manufactured for professionals. However, if you own a geographically more significant area, you can enjoy its efficiency as well.

The backpack blower has a simple pull-start design, which is efficient and never fails to give you instant power. The engine of this leaf blower is powerful but environment-friendly. BR600 has minimal carbon emissions, so whether you are living in a rural or urban area, you can utilize it to maintain your lawn or garden. Controls are all located on its handle, and the leaf blower comes with a vibration reduction mechanism, so you will never feel much wrist stress.

At 11kg, it a lightweight leaf blower. All thanks to the magic of Stihl engineering because it’s difficult to adjust all this power in such less weight. Moreover, it has a balanced structure that allows you to work longer without feeling the “tired” effect. There is also a stop switch to prevent any unexpected accidents. Removal and cleaning of its filter are easy. So, you will be spending less time to maintain the blower.

BR600 is a commercial-grade leaf blower that has unmatched power in a compact case. Its users appreciate its performance and our team of experts has also given the leaf blower excellent ratings.

Key features:

  • Minimal vibration
  • Powerful engine
  • Adjustable blowing barrel


3. ParkerBrand 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 65 CC
  • Weight. 12 kg
  • Sound level. 80 dB

A mighty leaf blowing machine, the backpack leaf blower from ParkerBrand is suitable to purchase if you have a large lawn with lots of shrubs and trees. Its high airspeed of 210 km/h shifts even the thickets of leaves. Don’t be surprised if it clears damp leaves as well.

The ParkerBrand leaf blower comes with a powerful engine and an output of 2.8KW / 3.8HP, which is sufficient for a large-sized property. Due to such power, the machine can remove all kinds of leaves, debris and branches from your garden or lawn. It has an improved air filter intake, which results in higher air output. Now you know the reason behind its 200+ airspeed.

Available at 12 kg, the ParkerBrand leaf blower is one of the most massive garden tools we have found. However, due to its backpack style and adjustable harness, the weight is distributed among your shoulders, and you don’t face much hassle while taking care of your green property. It has a large fuel tank; means you will not have to stop while working on a large lawn. Low vibration makes it stress-free and low sound level keeps everyone undisturbed.

Overall, this is a reliable, powerful and easy to use a leaf blower. It quickly starts even during the coldest days. If you need a reliable machine to maintain a sizeable sized lawn, this is an ideal purchase: an affordable blower that offers complete value for money.

With all said, the machine is not for the newcomers. It’s a powerful boy that needs expert hands to control in the right way. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to do some practice and read the included instructions carefully.

Key features:

  • Powerful engine
  • Low vibration
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for large areas


4. vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³/Hour Petrol Power Backpack

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 42.7 CC
  • Weight. 6.5 kg
  • Sound level. Up to 108 dB

If you need a powerful backpack leaf blower that can shift all the leaves from your patio within a few minutes, take a closer look at the vidaXL 42.CC machine. Its powerful two-stroke engine and high-speed airflow created a whirlwind to take out all the fallen leaves from your garden or driveway.

Sometimes, a backpack leaf blower gets overheated, especially if you are cleaning a large lawn. But, this can never be the case with vidaXL blower, because it has an air-cooled engine that generates a power of 1.25 kW. Due to high 6800 RPM, the blowing machine has a CFM (Air Volume) of 900 m³/h and MPH of 47 m/s. Its fuel tank capacity is 1.2 litres, which is excellent for a medium or big sized garden and lawn.

The leaf blower has an ergonomic design that makes it perfect to take care of a large area. Moreover, you will find all the controls on its handle, which makes the leaf blowing task even more easier. Talking about the mass, the machine has a heft of only 6.5 kg, which is comparatively less. Also, it has high-quality wide shoulder straps, that keeps the weight distributed and you can work for prolonged hours.

The sound level of the machine is relatively high, so make sure you don’t use the device during quiet hours, especially late night or early in the morning. Apart from that, it’s one of the best backpack leaf blowers available in the UK market.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Air-cooled two-stroke engine


5. Ryobi RBL42BP 42cc POWR XT Backpack Blower

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 42 CC
  • Weight. 8.5 kg
  • Sound level. 110 dB

With a sturdy 42CC engine, the RBL42BP POWR XT handles even the most robust leaf clearing tasks with ease. The leaf blower is engineered to supply maximum airflow all the times. So, whatever the size and thickness of the fallen leaves, RBL42BP shifts them without wasting much power or time. Its contoured back hardness fits perfectly on your body and provides optimum comfort.

Ryobi RBL42BP has a Powr XT Series 2-stroke full crank engine that has all the power you need to maintain a large area. Due to its extra thrust and high-speed nozzle, the blower becomes even more efficient and a weekend time saver. It has variable speed settings and cruise control.

Speed changing feature helps you while clearing a variety of areas. With cruise control, you can set and maintain a particular rate for prolonged clearing. Its nozzle is naturally angled downwards that reduces effort and maximizes the airflow power.

RBL42BP has a sturdy built; still, its weight is not very high as compared to other variants. It uses Clean engine technology and hence has a 71 per cent less carbon emission than CE CO emission limits. Even it comes in a recyclable carton. If you are an environment enthusiast, it’s the blower for your lawn.

Ryobi RBL42BP is a mighty leaf blowing unit that is suitable for extensive gardens or backyards. If you are working on a weekend and want to finish the lawn job early to spend some time with your family, then this is the backpack leaf blower you should approach. Its moderately priced, but the efficiency and performance it brings will compensate for the cost.

Key features:

  • Durable Powr XT engine for excellent performance
  • High airspeed up to 298km/h
  • Ergonomic design and breathable back padding


6. BU-KO 65CC Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 65 CC
  • Weight. 6.5 kg
  • Sound level. 100 dB

The backpack leaf blower from BU-KO comes with a mighty 65cc engine that generates 3.8 HP power. This two-stroke engine is air-cooled, hence regulates the temperature and never overheats. It’s a fast-starting engine so that you can initiate and end the leaf clearing process without any wait.

BU-KO blower requires 30:1 gas and oil mixture. Once fueled, it works at 2800 rpm and goes up to 7500 rpm throttle engine speed. It has an incredible air velocity of 210 mph. With all this power and high output, do you think it will be difficult to use? Not at all. It’s lightweight as well as easy to carry.

All the credit goes to its wide backpack straps that are wide and fits perfectly with your body. Moreover, it has a three-part blowing tube that moves back and forth to adjust your arm’s length. The ergonomic design of the leaf blower makes it perfect for single-handed use.

This blower has an anti-vibration mechanism that absorbs all the spikes from the engine to give you an irritation-free experience. It also has a low sound level, so none of the sleeping or working individuals will be disturbed while your clear the backyard.

This backpack leaf blower comes with professional safety gears as a bonus, which is durable and proves to be useful while to maintain your garden or lawn. The included protection wear includes ear muffs, gloves, glasses, leg guards and safety strap.

Key features:

  • Includes commercial-grade safety gears
  • Comparatively less expensive
  • Powerful engine and high air velocity
  • Offers maximum comfort


7. Dealourus 2019 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 65 CC
  • Weight. 6.5 kg
  • Sound level. 90 dB

The 65CC backpack leaf blower from Dealourous is the best solution if you have a big yard surrounded with trees. No extra hours of work using a rake to clear the leaves, use this latest blower powered by a two-stroke engine for fast and efficient results.

It has a power output of 3.8 HP, which also means that its airspeed is 210 MPH. The engine roars after a simple pull-start so that you can quickly move on to leaf clearing. The blower never overheats because of the air-cooled nature of its motor.

High airspeed of this leaf blower comes from fans that work at 7500 rpm. At such volume and airspeed, the blower can shift more than just fallen leaves. Due to its low weight and ergonomic design, the blower is comfortable to handle, and you never face any challenge while changing the direction. As it has a quality backpack design and wide padded shoulder straps, the backpack goes easy on your body, and you can work freely for a prolonged time.

The leaf blower has an active vibration-absorbing mechanism that keeps your arms and shoulders stress-free. It also creates less noise, so you can easily use it in residential areas. Angled nose and long blowing tube make it easy to use single-handedly. Moreover, the thumb-operated controls make the leaf clearing session easy and less time-consuming.

Delourous leaf blower is an inexpensive solution for your patio, garden, lawn or yard. As it has a sturdy motor, the blower can be very well utilized in commercial premises as well.

Key features:

  • Commercial-grade power and performance
  • Ergonomic design and padded shoulder straps for additional comfort
  • High airspeed


8. Kenley glb-30c Garden Petrol Leaf Blower Backpack

Product Overview:

  • Engine. 30CC
  • Weight. 6.2 kg
  • Sound level. 95 dB

Made to be comfortable and put minimal strain on your body, the Kenley glb 30C leaf blower is compact and easy to store. Manufactured according to European standard including GS, CE, and EURO II, the leaf blower is safe to use in residential and commercial areas.

The backpack petrol leaf blowers fit well to your shoulders as well in your hands. Its shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, means you will not be feeling any strain on your upper body. You don’t have to bend at any point of leaf clearing time, keep working in your natural position and within a few minutes, the area will be free of leaves and unwanted debris.

Juiced by petrol, it throws some severe airspeed; 450 km/h, which is very useful to remove trapped leaves and other debris from a lawn or garden. It’s simple to use handle makes the operation easy, plus the vibration management keeps the blower steady. Noise production is also under safe standards so that you can use the machine, and only a few of them will know about it.

Many users wanted some more power, but looking at the price; it’s justified. The petrol blower comes with a 500ml fuel tank that needs to be filled with 40:1 custom 2-cycle engine oil. Kenley glb 30c is a smart choice, especially for individuals who own a medium-sized lawn and don’t want to spend a high amount of leaf clearing.

It sits on your back like a bag, hence suitable for those who get tired quickly or don’t enjoy heft on their body. The blower might struggle to cover a large lawn due to its comparatively less power and small water tank, but it’s an ideal blower for medium-sized ground.

Key features:

  • High air output
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • The vibration-free and low noise level


What to Consider When Buying Backpack Leaf Blower

A backpack leaf blower can be an invaluable tool if you have a medium or large-sized garden or a lawn with many shrubs and trees. But to enjoy the full benefits and features, you have to purchase a blower that is perfectly suitable for your land. So, consider the following factors.

1. Power: Choose an engine depending upon the area of your lawn or garden and the volume of fallen leaves you have to encounter every year. More power means more weight. However, it also means that you will be able to shift a hell load of leaf pile within minutes. So, take a look at the engine capacity and air output speed of the backpack blowers you browse.

2. Ergonomic and comfort: As we know and the name suggests as well, a backpack leaf blower sits on your back. So, make sure you are getting padded straps that should be easy on your shoulder muscles. Also, make sure it has an angled nozzle so that you can work in your natural position without bending. Other features that you can make the leaf clearing experience more convenient

  • Padded back panel
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps as well as a hip belt
  • Adjustable handle
  • Vibration absorption mechanism
  • Soft and rubberized handle grip

We know that you might have to use a backpack leaf blower for extended hours if you are working in a large area. It’s the reason why we have included only those models that has an ergonomic design and padded shoulder strap.

3. Throttle control location: Every backpack leaf blower comes with a throttle to control its power output, including variable power settings and cruise control. It’s a power-saving feature and also takes care of the targeted flowers and small plants. This throttle has two different positions among backpack leaf blowers

  • On the airflow tube included with the handle
  • Attached to an extension arm

Throttle mounted at the tube is better because you will be already holding the handle to point a leaf blower. And using the same grip you can also control the airspeed. Great and at the same time convenient to use. All the contenders that we reviewed today have its throttle on the tube handle. If you want to explore further, you should choose the same pattern.

4. Airspeed: Blowing speed and volume are the specs you cannot miss. What is the amount of air coming out of the tube, and what is its rate? These are two factors that decide the performance of a backpack leaf blower.

So, select an option depending upon your requirements. Choose high-speed blower, if there are many shrubs, plants and trees in your yard. Similarly, if you need to cover a large area, you also have to keep a check on the volume of the air.

5. Noise level: As we saw, petrol backpack leaf blowers operate at a high sound level. We have mentioned the noise in dB, so you can compare and choose one of them. If you have a land in a residential colony, make sure you invest in a blower that shouts less.

6. Nozzle design: Some of the backpack leaf blowers come with a flat nozzle and others with rounded ones. Few modes include both the vents so that you can use it according to the requirements. We recommend you to choose one with replaceable nozzles. You can use the flat one for shifting loose leaves and round one to remove the trapped debris or leaves.

7. Shutdown switch: It allows you to shut down the blowing machine instantly. The shutoff switch is available in most of the models we discussed today. When selecting the best cordless leaf blower, it is crucial to choose a model with a safety switch that can instantly power off the device. This feature is essential for preventing unwanted accidents and injuries..

Backpack Leaf Blower vs Handheld

Handheld leaf blowers are comparatively lightweight and are great of small yards, lawn and gardens. You have to keep it all the time in your hands, no matter it’s corded, cordless or petrol-powered. So, it’s natural to get tired after a duration of usage.

However, a handheld leaf blower works at low sound levels and is less disturbance for your family members or neighbors.

On the other hand, if you have a medium or large-sized lawn, you would not like to deal with a handheld gas leaf blower. A backpack leaf blower has a higher weight, but due to its padded shoulder straps, you won’t be tired in a short period.

As they are more powerful, backpack leaf blowers tend to work at high sound levels. Talking about the price, backpack blowers come with higher price tags when compared to handhelds.

Summary – Which Backpack Leaf Blower should I buy?

We have discussed the nine best backpack leaf blowers, and there are much more available in the market. However, the best model will be Mcculloch GB355BP.

Its immense power at low carbon emission makes it one of the best leaf blowers we have tested.

You can clear the area in record time using the high air blow of this leaf blower — one of the best backpack leaf blowers for professionals as well as lawn owners.

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