Best Power Scrubber UK 2024 (Cordless)

Household cleaning can be stressful, especially if you have to reach all the crooks and corners of the bathroom or kitchen. Scrubbing the tiles and floors is an intense process that leaves your wrists stressed and back aching.

However, you can use a power scrubber to ease out these tasks. A battery-powered scrubber will give you better and convenient cleaning results when compared to soft human hands.

On this page, you will see some of the best power scrubbers available in the UK market. We have compiled a list and ranked the products according to their features, lab tests and buyer reviews. All the variants are available to purchase through Amazon. Here’s what we have for you.

Best Power Scrubber Reviews 2024

Here are our recommended top 13 Power Scrubber Reviews 2024

1. Turbo Scrub Cordless -Best Household Cleaning Scrubber

  • Weight. 1.4 kg
  • Runtime. Up to 35 minutes

Hard work and house cleaning go hand in hand. Not if you have Turbo Brush cordless rechargeable, which can virtually clean almost anything in your house. It runs at 300RPM to scrub off the grime and accumulated dirt from tiles, shower doors, grouts, microwaves and much more.

The cordless scrubber gives you a runtime of 35 minutes. It also extends up to four feet to clean hard to reach corners. Moreover, the scrubber comes with a dedicated brush to clean holes and door tracks. Apart from that, the scrubber also includes

All-Purpose Brush to clean large areas and a Heavy Duty Brush for stubborn dust. Due to its low weight, the cordless is easy to use and can be stored easily.

Key features:

  • Waterproof cleaning head
  • Includes three interchangeable attachments
  • Extension wand for a decent cleaning radius


2. AMOS Super Scrubber

  • Weight. 695g
  • Runtime. Up to 60 minutes

With a powerful head spinning at 300 RPM, the Hurricane scrubber promises to clean all the dirt from your shower within seconds. No matter how stubborn the dirt or grime is, its strong torque can cut through any of them to give you a clean and spotless surface.

The Hurricane scrubber comes with three interchangeable attachments; Flat Brush to clean large areas like floors or tiles, Corner brush to clean door tracks, taps, or ground, and Multipurpose Brush for toilets, basins and sinks.

All these add on comes with flexible bristles that adjust into crevices, cracks and corners without much hassle, so you do not have to spend much time on cleaning. Moreover, its wand extends up to 110cm to give you easy reach to all the areas.

Key features:

  • High spinning speed
  • Extends up to 110cm
  • Decent runtime


3. PowerDof Mini Power Scrubber for Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Weight. 1.48 kg
  • Runtime. Up to 120 minutes

The lightweight power scrubber from PowerDoF comes with a 3.6V rechargeable battery that works up to 120 minutes. Due to its rubber handle, the scrubber gives you a comfortable grip, so that you can complete the cleaning session without any extra stress on the wrists or arms.

PowerDoF MINI comes equipped with IPX7 waterproof level. So, you can use it inside wet areas like shower or kitchen. The scrubber has three brushes and one scouring pad that assists you while cleaning, wiping as well as scouring. Due to such a wide variety of attachments, the power scrubber can also be used to maintain leather objects like sofa, car seats, wallets, handbags etc.

If you need a powerful scrubber that can save your time as well as wrists from the extra strain, choose the Mini from PowerDoF. Its lightweight nature gives you complete control and an easy scrubbing session.

Key features:

  • Handheld design for easy cleaning
  • IPX7 waterproof level
  • High capacity and durable battery


4. Kärcher PS40 Power Scrubber

  • Weight. 971 g
  • Runtime. 30 minutes

Equipped with three high-pressure jet nozzles, Karcher PS40 is a robust cleaner that performs better than several other power scrubbers. Due to its high pressure, the power scrubber removes accumulated dust from any surface quickly and easily.

PS40 is designed with a squeegee that can gather excess water while scrubbing or cleaning. Whether you need a power scrubber to clean stairs, patio, garage, wall, railings, balcony, PS40 is an ideal option.

Key features:

  • Cleans with high-pressure jet nozzles
  • Available in three different colours – black, silver and yellow


5. BLACK+DECKER Handy Power Scrubber

  • Weight. 363 gram
  • Runtime. 30 minutes

Our sixth entry from Black & Decker is a waterproof power scrubber that assists you while cleaning grime and dirt from stoves, pots, dishes and more. Its scraper edge removes tough stains or baked-on food marks as well. Due to its lightweight and compact nature, PKS160 is convenient to use as well as easy to store.

PKS160 has a moulded handle covered with rubber for a slip-free grip and controlled cleaning. The product comes with two high-performance scrub pads to clean a wide variety of objects. Its cleaning head spins at 160 RPM that generates a torque of 25 in-lbs. The spin scrubber works with four AA batteries that are already included.

Key features:

  • Can be used inside water
  • Scraper edge to remove stubborn stains
  • Batteries included


6. Turbo Scrub Deluxe Cordless Cleaning Scrubber

  • Weight. 1.6 kg
  • Runtime. Up to 75 minutes

If you need efficient cleaning, prefer our seventh contender from Turbo Scrub Deluxe. With 400 RPM and a runtime of 75 minutes, the two-speed scrubber is ideal to utilize indoor as well as outdoors.

The scrubber comes with an extension wand that gives you a reach of 3.5 feet. So, you will not need a chair or table to reach above the head areas. Similarly, you don’t have to bend or kneel while cleaning the ground or other materials at the same level.

At 1.6 kg, the power scrubber is lightweight and hence easy to use. Moreover, it includes a corner brush to clean, stubborn door tracks and other marks.

Key features:

  • High RPM for efficient cleaning
  • Waterproof cleaning head
  • Includes four interchangeable heads


7. 4YourHome High Power Rechargeable Cordless Turbo Scrubber

  • Weight. 2.56 kg
  • Runtime. Up to 60 minutes

Harsh scrubbing on grouts, tiles, shower or toilet results in wrist pain. If you are tired of using traditional scrubbing methods, then have a look at the high power cordless turbo scrubber from 4YourHome. It comes with a 7.4V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that rotates the scrubbing brush heads at 300 RPM. At such speed, the turbo scrubber quickly removes all the grime, grease and dirt from targeted surfaces or areas.

The power scrubber has a runtime of 60 minutes that is enough to complete all the household cleaning or scrubbing tasks. It comes with different accessories making it suitable for cleaning a wide variety of indoor as well as outdoor objects. Moreover, its extension wand gives you an easy reach to above the head surfaces like high walls with tiles.

Key features:

  • Powerful battery
  • Extension wand to clean tight corners
  • One hour of runtime


8. MECO ELEVERDE Electric Spin Scrubber

  • Weight. 1.18 kg
  • Runtime. 60 minutes

Bathtub cleaning is the least favourite task for most of us, especially if someone is dealing with a backache. Enter the electric spin scrubber from Meco Eleverde that gives you sparkling clean washroom that also without putting much strain on your back or legs.

The scrubber comes with three removable heads to clean a variety of objects — round brush to clean tiles, bathtubs, or sinks. A tapered brush works for car types and severe to reach gaps, and it’s flat brush is suitable for floors, ovens, stoves and water tanks.

Simple design with a power button makes the spin scrubber an easy to use cleaning device. You can change its cleaning heads without much exertion. Once of the best bathroom power scrubbers includes a clip and adhesive so that you can wall-mount the scrubber whenever required.

Key features:

  • Powerful 350 RPM spinning head
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Includes three brush heads


9. SonicScrubber Oscillating Cleaning Tool

  • Weight. 259 grams
  • Runtime. 35 minutes

Cleaning the house with SonicScrubber Oscillating Cleaning Tool is a breeze. It takes all the burden from your head and removes all stains and marks, even the toughest ones. Due to its non-slip handle, the scrubber gives you a firm grip. It also includes four heads that can tackle a wide variety of household cleaning tasks. All the heads are chemical friendly so that you can use any cleaning agent according to your choice.

The cleaning head of the SonicScrubber cleaning tool oscillates 10, 000 times per minute to clean grime or accumulated dust. So, it will be a huge step up from traditional scrubbing methods that takes time and leaves you irritated with a bad wrist.

Key features:

  • Comes with four interchangeable heads
  • Includes the batteries


10. SonicScrubber Cleaning Brush Kit For Car, Bikes & Boat

  • Weight. 212 gram
  • Runtime. Up to 45 minutes

Intentionally manufactured for vehicles, bikes and boats, the Pro Detailer cleaning kit consists of four brushes. It has a cone, all-purpose, lug nut and soft brush that fits all the nooks and crevices of your ride. So, whether you have to clean the headlights, wheels, grill, foot mats, engine components, guards or any other accessory like a helmet, you can get it cleaned with high standards.

The scrubbing tool has a powerful motor that oscillates its cleaning head 10, 000 times per minute. Its low weight is another helping feature that keeps wrist strain at bay. Moreover, the product is waterproof and hence can be used on a wet vehicle as well.

Key features:

  • High-speed oscillations for fast and efficient cleaning results
  • Includes four brushes to cover all the areas of a car, motorcycle or boat
  • Made of microfibers for improved scrubbing performance


11. Homitt Spin Scrubber Cordless

  • Amazon shipping Weight. 2 kg
  • Runtime. Up to 80 minutes

Considered among the best power scrubbers, Hommit Spin gives you intense scrubbing up to 80 minutes. Due to its high torque, the scrubber gets you rid of the stubborn marks and stains within a short period.

The scrubber works at 300 RPM only after a charging time 3.5 hours. It comes with four interchangeable waterproof attachments including a Round bristle head to clean bathtubs or sink, Flat surface heads to scrub space under the furniture, and a Corner head brush for grouts, corners and other tight to clean areas. Moreover, its extension wand allows you to reach all the nooks and corners without bending and kneeling.

Key features:

  • Fast charging
  • Battery backup of more than an hour
  • Titling cleaning head
  • Waterproof power scrubber


12. Marketduke Cordless Power Scrubber Brush Set

  • Weight. 1.45 kg
  • Runtime. Up to 2 hours

If you need a one-stop solution that can assist you while cleaning almost anything in your house, choose the cordless power scrubber set from Marketduke. As it comes with four interchangeable cleaning heads, you can clean ovens, countertops, stove, tiles, tyres, bathtubs and much more.

The spinning scrub brush set includes a brown bag, so that you can keep all the attachments organized and easy to take them around. Its cleaning head has a speed of 300 RPM, so the hard work completes without much stress on hands or wrists.

The scrubbing wand extends up to 3.6 feet (44 inches), so you do not have to use a table or tool while cleaning above the head areas. Looks like it is giving you all the reasons to be in your house.

Key features:

  • Includes four interchangeable heads
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • A high seed cleaning head
  • Charges within 8 hours


13. Homitt Spin Scrubber

  • Amazon shipping weight. 1.5 kg
  • Runtime. 90 minutes

Fast and efficient cleaning without bending or kneeling, that’s what the spin scrubber from Homitt has to offer. If someone in your family is tired of daily house cleaning chores, then it can be the perfect gift this fall.

The scrubber takes the juice from a rechargeable 3.6V battery and runs continuously for up to 90 minutes. For the given runtime, it needs only a charging time of 3.5 hours. Its cleaning head rotates at 300 RPM that saves you from spending extended hours to clean the washroom or kitchen tiles.

Hommit spin scrubber comes with an arm that extends up to 21 inches to gives you easy access while cleaning tough to reach corners. With such features and built, this scrubber is an ideal option for individuals suffering from arthritis or backache.

Key features:

  • Includes four interchangeable cleaning heads
  • One button to adjust the handle
  • Fast charging


Why Do We Need Power Scrubbers?

Power scrubbers are designed to clean different area of a house, including kitchen or bathroom tiles, ovens, vehicles etc. Such products offer high standard professional cleaning that cannot be accomplished by traditional methods. Other reasons to invest in a power scrubber:

Efficiency: A battery-powered scrubber has the power to give you efficient results, which cannot be achieved with bare hands.

Accessibility: Power scrubbers include several attachments that give you easy access to the area wherein you cannot reach using traditional methods.

Time saver: Soft hands can take hours to finish the bathroom cleaning session. Not with a power scrubber that completes the same task within minutes.


Today we discussed the thirteen best power scrubbers available in the UK market. If you need a scrubber to clean kitchen slabs or washroom tiles, you should choose the waterproof variants from the above list for efficient cleaning.

Apart from that, you can select any of them to clean floors, stoves, vehicles and much more.

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