Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner in the UK 2024

Are you on a hunt for one of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners?

If yes, then you are on the right page.

Here we will talk about the top ten recommendations for a robust vac that can pick up dry debris as well as liquid spills while giving you the right value for your investment.

What is a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner? Traditional vacuums are suitable only for dust, debris, cobwebs, pet hair, and other ”dry” Waste; they cannot clean wet mass. To clean both liquid and solid waste, you will need a wet and dry hoover.

As the name suggests, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can collect both liquid spills and solid litter. Due to its feature, these vacuums are not only suitable for household cleaning tasks, but you can also use the outdoors.

Wet and Dry Vac Reviews In UK 2024

Mentioned below are ten best wet and dry vacuums in the UK. Each of them is easy to use, durable, and powerful.

Above all, any one of them will give you the right value for your investment. In other words, the vacuums listed here are right for your household cleaning purpose.

However, everything depends upon your personal preferences. It’s the reason why we have included models with a variety of features and from different price ranges.

So, read our detailed review and decide which one you want.

1. Henry Charles Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 7.1 kg
  • Dust capacity. 15 litres
  • Filter. Permatex

Meet our first recommendation coming from the house of Henry. The CVC 370-2 is an all-round vacuum with 15-litre dust storing size, powerful suction, active filters and a cleaning area of approx. Twenty-seven meters, which is comparatively more significant than other cleaners at the same price range.

CVC 370 is a bagged vacuum created for versatile cleaning. So, it comes with a lot many tools and accessories. To contain the allergens, it comes with a Permatex filter.

One of the essential features of the hoover is its suction. Due to the power, it works great on carpets as well as hard floors. Also, it is easy to use. So, you get the perfect combination of strength and ease of use to handle almost any cleaning task.

If you need one of the best wet/dry vac that can clean nearly any surface or object in your house, consider CVC 370-2.

Key features:

  • Superb suction power
  • Powerful 1200W motor
  • Large dust storing capacity
  • Permatex HEPA filtration
  • Big cleaning radius of 26.8 meters
  • Comparatively low weight


2. Henry George Wet and Dry Vacuum

  • Weight. 8.8 kg
  • Dust capacity. 15 litres
  • Filter. HEPA

Another workhorse from Henry, George GVE 370-2 promises to give you an easy cleaning of wet and dry waste. The compact vacuum comes with A26A Extraction Kit containing lots of accessories that help you can to clean almost any surface or object in your house.

George comes with a 9-meter power cable, so you are getting a dry cleaning area of 11 m while you can clean wet waste for up to 12 meters. The coverage area is different because the vacuum comes with two various hoses for wet and dry waste, respectively. It also has separate floor heads depending on the waste type.

The vacuum and its accessories are built of sturdy plastic while the hose is made of metal. Due to such robust construction, George is here to stay in your house for a long time.

High dust storing capacity of 15 litres allows you to extend your cleaning session as far as you want because there is no need to throw the dust bag at regular intervals.

HEPA vacuum that contains all the allergens is another benefit for allergic buyers. Once you are done cleaning and you open the filer, you will find that even the smallest of the particles are trapped in it.

When you need to clean liquid spills, you have to change the hose and floor head, which can be time taking and difficult sometimes. However, in return for the energy invested in improving the component, you get a dominant performance on almost all surfaces and materials.

Overall, George never faults in its cleaning performance. However, most of the accessories it contains are specially made for carpet cleaning. So, if you do not have any carpets in your house, then you will only continue storing those attachments without using them.

Key features:

  • Decent 2060W motor
  • HEPA filtration
  • High dust storing capacity
  • Able to clean and shampoo the carpets
  • Efficient in cleaning pet hair and odor


3. Vax ECGAV1B1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 8.8 kg
  • Dust capacity. 8 litres
  • Filter. Standard

The 2 in 1 canister vacuum from Vax performs on a different level of versatility altogether. Available with a reasonable price tag, ECGAV1B1 is more than just a cleaner, it’s a complete cleaning solution for your house.

As its name suggests, the vacuum performs three primary functions; cleaning hard floors, carpet washing and soaking liquid spills. If you need a vac that can perform all these tasks without a flaw, ECGAV1B1 is the best-wet vacs.

The vacuum comes with a “FibreGlow” floor head that glides over any surface to give you a nice and clean area. It also includes numerous useful attachments, including a dusting brush and upholstery tool.

If you need a versatile wet and dry vacuum that can take care of all the household messes, then Vax ECGAV1B1 is one of the best wet dry vacs you can buy. It’s an all-around cleaner available at a comparatively low price that provides excellent value for the investment.

Key features:

  • A complete home cleaning solution
  • Handles all types of dust whether liquid and solid with ease
  • Includes attachments for easy cleaning of stairs and crevices
  • Gives you full value for the price


4. Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA Wet and Dry Vac

  • Weight. 8.48 kg
  • Dust capacity. 30 litres
  • Filter. Standard

A mighty wet and dry vacuum capable of collecting anything, TE-VC 1930 SA always gives you a chance to rejoice your investment. If you are using some power tools like a mitre saw or sander’s saw, the vacuum can also work as a dust extractor. It has an auto power-off function for five seconds that’s useful with mitre saws.

Due to its stainless steel body, which is suitable to be used in any condition; the vacuum scores high on durability. Einhell is one of the oldest vacuum makers, so the cleaner is made to be reliable and efficient. It also has excellent dust holding a capacity of 30 litres. The machine produces fewer fumes to be eco-friendly and hence less harmful to the atmosphere.

The vacuum comes with a drainage screw, which comes handy in workshops. It’s a powerful vacuum that gives you excellent results on all floor types. You may experience some sliding problems on the carets. However, its superior suction power makes up for everything else.

If you need an industrial wet and dry vacuum, TE-VC 1930 SA is an ideal option. With a robust 1500W engine, high dust storing capacity and long-lasting built, the hoover is perfect for heavy cleaning. It’s just running short in terms of carpet cleaning.

Key features:

  • Excellent suction due to a powerful motor
  • Onboard power connection
  • Auto power off function to be used with power tools
  • Includes a bracket to store the accessories
  • High dust carrying capacity


5. Kärcher WD3P Wet and Dry Vac

  • Weight. 5.8 kg
  • Dust capacity. 17 litres
  • Filter. Standard

A robust vacuum made for demanding jobs, Karcher WD3P comes with a decent 1400W motor, crevice tool and two extension tubes. All of them together gives you a perfect cleaning solution for your house, garage, office or factory.

The best thing about Karcher WD3P; it comes with a cartridge filter, which allows you to change the modes between wet and dry without breaking the filters. If you look at the pictures on Amazon, it has onboard storage for attachments and cables. Plus, it also has a blower mode, once required.

WD3P is also known as “Tough Vac”, because of its sturdy build and its ability to work under any condition. So it’s useful on building sites, gas stations, hospitals, factories and all the other places where you need an efficient cleaning performance. Its blower mode makes it a perfect vacuum for autumn, especially if you own a garden.

The vacuum easily connects with the power tools, and its auto shut down features adds to the usability. So, it also helps you to keep your garage or the outdoors clean while you sand or cut woods logs for house renovation.

If you want to use it for your household cleaning, it will give you excellent results on carpet and hard floors alike. The cartridge filter holds even the smallest of the particle and never allows them back to the atmosphere.

Overall, Wd3P is another excellent wet and dry vacuum from Karcher that combines a durable design and technical-level performance. Comes at an affordable price tag and gives you the full value for the investment.

Key features:

  • Powerful motor results in superb suction.
  • Gives you the ability to change between wet and dry cleaning without changing the filter.
  • Blower mode makes it an excellent garden vac.


6. Draper 13785 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 4.5 kg
  • Dust capacity. 20 litres
  • Filter. Standard

Keeping the office or the house clean should be your one of your top priorities. If you have the light commercial vacuum cleaner 13785 from Draper, then completing this task is relatively easy. So, if you are looking for a wet and dry vacuum that works both at your office and home, don’t give a pass to Draper 13785.

No matter what is the condition or the severity of dust accumulation, the vacuum can remove both wet and dry dust, even the stubborn ones. With a wide range of included attachments, you can clean almost any surface, are and crevices. Apart from the 20 litres’ stainless steel tank, it comes with a 1.5-meter hose equipped with an air control mechanism, three extension tubes, a floor brush, and carpet cleaning attachments.

All the attachments and functions are powered by a conventional 1250W motor that generates excellent suction. With a 3.5-meter power cable, it gives you a wide cleaning area without changing the power outlet.

You must be thinking; why would I need a commercial vacuum for my house? For household purposes, it is always good to have a powerful vacuum with high dust storing capacity, so that you can get a clean and dust-free house without investing much time or energy.

Overall, Draper 13785 is a versatile, easy-to-assemble vacuum cleaner that can easily clean your house, garage, office, and workshop. Available with a comparatively less and affordable price tag, it has been received very positively by the buyers.

Key features:

  • Affordable
  • High dust storing capacity
  • Robust and long-lasting stainless steel tank, which will never corrode
  • Lightweight and hence portable
  • Superb suction power


7. Bosch AdvancedVac 20 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 7.6 kg
  • Dust capacity. 20 litres
  • Filter. Cartridge

A sturdy, versatile and powerful wet dry vacuum with a big 20 litres’ dust storing tank, Bosch AdvancedVac 20 is a one-stop cleaning solution perfect for households, gardens and industrial purposes.

As the vacuum is suitable for both wet and dry waste, it takes all the dry dust and liquid spills out of your way during the housecleaning session.

Due to its cartridge filter, you do not have to change the filters while switching between dry and wet dust or vice versa. Its large dust-storing tank has a drain valve that allows you to empty the dirt without lifting anything substantial.

The 1200-watt motor of AdvancedVac 2.0 generates enough suction power for excellent dust and wet waste collection. A wide selection of tools allows you to clean almost any surface or object in your house with ease.

Its attachment section includes a floor nozzle, brush, rubber lip inserts and crevice tool. The vacuum has a 2.2-metre long hose as well, which gives you access to difficult areas.

While being effective at cleaning tasks, AdvancedVac 2.0 can also be your assistant while you are renovating your house. It comes with a universal adapter that can establish a connection with several Bosch power tools. Moreover, the vacuum is also equipped with a power socket, wherein you can connect and sync a power tool.

This means, the power tool and vacuum will start and stop together for your convenience, and you will be able to modify your house in an efficient and time-saving manner.

Key features:

  • Can work in sync with power tools
  • Also works as a blower
  • Easy disposal of waste due to the drain valve
  • Antistatic hose for minimal electrical discharge
  • Integrated handle and wheels for better mobility
  • Long tube
  • A cartridge filter eliminates the need for a filter switch


8. Vacmaster 110V Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  •  Weight. 8.7 Kg
  • Dust capacity. 30 litres
  • Filter. Standard

In terms of vacuum, big is always beautiful. Well, if that’s the truth, then you are sure to have a joyride after investing in Vacmaster 110V Vacuum Cleaner.

Available at an affordable price, the vacuum has 30-litre dust storing tank and a wide range of attachments including a brush, squeegee for hard floors, a crevice tool and a smaller brush for crevices as well as tough-to-reach areas.

The vacuum has a power socket where you can connect power tools like a driller or sander. Once the connection is established, Vacmaster works in sync with the power tool. This means, it starts and shuts down once you initiate or switch off the power tool.

The vacuum also works as a blower and hence can be helpful while cleaning the garden. It also has a long power cable measuring 5 meters and a 4-meter hose. When both components are combined, you get a cleaning area of 9 meters.

Vacmaster vacuum comes with a carrying handle that needs to attach for the first use. You will need screwdrivers to assemble the vacuum completely. Once assembled, you will get time to notice its smart design that gives you onboard storage for the attachments and a couple of stands for the power cable — however, there are no brackets for the hose or floorboard. Another disadvantage: when you have to change the cleaning mechanism from dry to wet, you have to use a foam cartridge including with the hoover.

Overall, it gives you effective vacuuming for both wet and dry dust but disturbs the family members and neighbours due to the high noise level.

Key features:

  • Works both as a bagged and bagless vacuum
  • Power tool connectivity
  • Dual cleaning mode for carpets and hard floors
  • Also works as a blower


9. WANDEFU Handheld Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Amazon shipping weight. 1 kg
  • Dust Capacity. 0.6 litre
  • Filter. HEPA

The WANDEFU handheld can be a great choice if you are looking for an excellent cordless car hoover that can quickly take care of the mess inside your car or even in the house. It will save you time, and energy, and gives you clean surrounding.

This cordless hoovers UK comes with a powerful 120V motor that generates excellent suction for unmatched cleaning. Due to its compact nature, you can easily carry it around your house or in the car. Moreover, it also comes with a carrying cum storage bag, which gives you easy access to the attachments and vacuums anytime and anywhere.

It comes with a Li-ion battery that gives you a runtime of thirty minutes, which is more than enough for quick cleanups in your house and garage. The 2500mAh charges within two to three homes while the power-supplying mechanism shuts down automatically once the battery takes a hundred percent charge. As it’s battery-powered, you can clean all around the house without worrying about the power outlets.

It gives you four essential accessories required to clean almost all the floor types and objects including a pointed slot nozzle, brush nozzle, two adapters and an extension tube.

Using the extension tube, you can easily clean the areas under and around the furniture pieces. Surprisingly, it is also active on pet hair. It looks like the vacuum is giving reasons after reason to be in your house.

Manufacturers offer lifetime technical support on the product, so you can contact them any day if you face any problem while operating the device or if you need some repairs.

Key features:

  • Excellent suction
  • Versatile
  • Efficient at pet hair cleaning
  • Quick charging ability and extended battery backup


10. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Hand Vacuum


  • Weight. 980 grams
  • Dust Capacity. 370 ml
  • Filter. Standard removable and washable filter

Whether you need a handheld wet dry vac to pick up dry debris or any liquid spills, The Black & Decker Dustbuster is always ready. Its compact and lightweight nature allows you to reach even the problematic areas.

As Dustbuster is suitable for both wet and dry dust, it is an ideal choice if you want a cordless vacuum for the kitchen, shower, or any other moisture-affected areas. For easy use, it comes with an ergonomic design and momentary switch.

Its translucent dust bowl gives you a clear view of the dust fill so that you can empty it once required. Due to its convenient quick-release function, you can throw the waste without touching it. To maintain complete hygiene, its dirt bowl is removable as well as washable.

The cordless vacuum has a ”grab and goes” design. Look at its weight, and you will understand what it means. It’s comparatively lighter than other handheld vacuums and even previous versions of Dustbuster series. It has a low noise level of 80 dB, so your neighbours will not even know that you are up for a quick cleanup.

The handheld comes with a small brush that gives perfect results on upholstery. Crevice tool gives you the ability to clean the area around sofa cushions and other tight-to-reach spaces. To remove wet particles, it has an included squeegee as well.

All the included attachments have a wide mouth so that you can cover more and finish the cleaning session early. It also contains a sleek-looking wall-mountable charging base that can also be placed on a tabletop.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Broad-mouthed attachments for better and more efficient cleaning
  • Quick release feature to throw the dust hygienically
  • Washable dirt bowl for improved hygiene
  • Includes a charging base


Who Needs It?

A vacuum cleaner is a necessity for every house. The wet and dry vac comes with several designs and features that are suitable for most surfaces and objects. However, we can still make out a few exceptional tasks that can be only performed by a wet and dry vacuum.

  • House owners with carpet flooring or fireplace
  • Couple with kids because they always have to tackle both waste types while taking care of the baby
  • Individuals residing in flood-affected areas,
  • Hospital staff, because they need to clean both wet and dry waste produced by the patients
  • Users are living in areas where snowfall is common. A wet and dry hoover can quickly clear the snow from the walking path.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

While purchasing a wet and dry vacuum, you should consider several other factors apart from price. We are mentioning some of the vital features here in this section. You should not ignore any of these to avoid any investment mistakes.

Type: We have discussed both full-size tank models and handhelds in this post. Full-size models include full-size floor and carpet cleaning tools. They are a complete cleaning solution, whether you are going to use them in the office or house.

On the other hand, handhelds are useful only for quick cleanups because they are comparatively less powerful and have low dust capacity. Also, they are very cost-effective when compared to regular wet and dry vacuums.

Choose any one of the categories depending upon the requirements and preferences. If you want a small car cleaning device or to clean up small spills in the house, then choose the portable handheld vacuum. If you need a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs, go for a tank-size cleaner.

Weight: Whether you are an athlete, an average guy, or a housewife, weight is one of the primary factors that should be checked. A lightweight hoover is always convenient to operate, as you can easily carry it around the house and stairs without getting tired.

Dust storing capacity: If you do not want to drain the tank after every 15 minutes of cleaning, then you should look for a wet and dry vacuum that is capable of storing a high amount of waste. In this department, bigger is always better.

Filtration. Look for a vacuum with improved filtration, especially if you are allergic to airborne microbial. If you are buying an industrial hoover for industrial cleaning, choose a vacuum that has a robust and high-quality filter made to be used under harsh factorial conditions.

Cleaning access: Check the combined length of the power cable, hose and tube. Choose according to the required distance from the power outlet, especially if you want the vacuum to work in the garden, garage and other outdoor areas.

Attachments: All the models come with one accessory or the other. Some of the includes more attachments than others, so choose the vacuum with the maximum attachments. If you intend to clean a particular area, make sure the vacuum has the related tool.

Drainage valve: Always select a vac with a drain valve at the bottom, so that you can empty the waste without lifting the unit.

Power take-off socket: A wet and dry vacuum with a power take-off socket can work in sync with a power tool like a sander or driller. You have to connect the power to the vacuum. Once connected, the vacuum with start and shut down with the power tool, and you will be able to complete your house renovation efficiently.

Blower function: Most of the vacuums come with an inlet feature while several others also have an outlet that works as a blower when required. You can use the blowing ability to clean your garden or lawn.

Convenience: Look for a vacuum that has onboard storage for attachments. It will be better if the vacuum also has a parking space for the tube and the attached floor head. Such arrangements will be beneficial if you take a break while cleaning an extended floor.

Automatic filter change: We discussed several wet and dry vacuums where you have to switch the filter while changing the waste cleaning from dry to wet or vice versa. While several other comes with a cartridge filter that works for both waste type, wet and dry. Think about which process will be easy for you and make the purchase.

We recommend you purchase a vacuum with a cartridge filter so that you do not have to change the filters every time you see a liquid spill while cleaning dry debris.

Noise level: Some of the vacs are very loud due to their powerful motors. However, if it can be a problem for you, family members to neighbors, look for a cleaner that is powerful but still makes less noise while at work.

Budget: You should not decide on the product solely based on the price. However, it is also an important feature. Compare the prices, be reasonable and try to find a vacuum that gives you the full value for the amount you invested.

Overall, you should spend some time analyzing the factors and examining the resulting products. By taking into consideration of some essential elements, you will not only make an informed purchase, but you will also receive a vacuum that will give you the best cleaning results according to your preferences and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Wet and Dry Vacuums Clean Carpets?

Yes, you can use a wet and dry hoover to clean household carpets. First, vacuum all the dust from your carpet. If you notice any spots or marks on the mat, use a carpet stain removal and weight for the instructed period. Then use the vacuum cleaner to get a clean carpet.

What is the difference between wet and dry vacuum?

A wet and dry vac handles complex cleaning jobs as compared to regular uprights or canister based devices. It’s the reason why such vacs are used at construction sites, factories and workshops. If they are regularly used for industrial cleanings, then it’s apparent that they are relatively more potent than other variants available in the market.

Bottom Line

As we know, whether it’s dry or dry waste, it makes your house dirty and unhygienic. Also, it degrades the appearance and slowly deteriorates the house. So, an efficient and powerful vac will not only clean your home and but also extends its life.

Our list saves the day and gives you some of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners in the UK. We have included models from different price segments so that you can choose one of them according to your budget.

Due to detailed and useful reviews, we expect that you will find a cleaning assistant available depending on your requirements and budget.

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