How to Buy The Best Hand Held Hoover?

In today’s buying guide we are giving you some tips to help you to choose the best handheld hoover UK. Let’s start

Top 10 Best Selling Hand Held Hoover UK

Buying Guide For Handheld Hoover

Size and weight: Size and weight are the key factors when choosing any vacuum cleaner. They play a significant role. Before buying a cleaner, consider the size of your home or office for which you are going to purchase it.

If you have a small-sized house or an apartment, then a low-power vacuum cleaner will work fine for you. On the other hand, offices and large villas require heavy and powerful vacuum cleaners.

Everyone wants a lightweight vacuum cleaner that they can use continuously without feeling any fatigue, especially on their hands and arms. People mostly don’t use a vacuum cleaner daily as it is cumbersome. Always choose a vacuum cleaner that weighs around 1-1.5 kg. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are still preferred by everyone.

The recommendations we have given you above are all extremely lightweight, and you can easily carry them around your home.

Battery time: Cordless handheld vacuums are most popular when it comes to handheld hoovers. If you decided to buy a cordless version, make sure you consider the battery life as an important factor.

If you have a small apartment, then 15-20 minutes of cleaning time will be enough. In a large house, vacuum cleaners with low runtime will not be effective.

You will need a vacuum cleaner with high battery power. So that you don’t have to find a power socket after regular intervals while cleaning your home.

We have mentioned the battery backup in all the reviews and you can also check the same on the packaging box. If you have any doubts after using the vacuum for the first time, then don’t hesitate in exchanging or returning it. It’s better to replace a lousy piece than to regret it for your remaining life.

Price: The budget comes first in buying any electronic device. You can get a quality vacuum for under £50- £200 Always look at your budget before purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

If you have a sufficient budget you can go for any high-end product that’ll make your cleaning process easier & give you more durability.

Make sure that all the features match the price you have paid for the vacuum cleaner. Being expensive doesn’t always mean that they are reliable and useful. So, we suggest you read the reviews, match the requirements and then make the investment.

Compare: Comparing products before buying is a perfect habit, and everyone should introduce it in their life. So, before purchasing any vacuum cleaner, always compare two or three related models.

In this way, you will get a better insight into all the essential features of vacuum cleaners. Never hurry in buying a vacuum cleaner and take all the time you need to make the right decision.

If you are in a big house, look for an upright hoover that has a huge dust capacity and extended runtime. Similarly, if you are a pet owner, find a vacuum that should effectively pick all the pet hair.

Dry and wet vacuuming jobs: Mostly we have to deal with both wet and dry vacuuming jobs at our homes and offices. So, always choose the model which has both these features. So you can use both of these modes whenever needed. If you are a lover of small vacuums and to perform wet-dry vacuuming – you should try wet and dry handheld vacuums.

Most people prefer corded handheld vacuum cleaners for office use. In this way, they can continue their cleaning work without any form of interruption.

Home cleaning doesn’t require high-end vacuum cleaners. Any family can maximum have ten family members and small or medium-sized vacuum cleaners work best in this case.

Bin capacity: It is a great point to keep in mind that your vacuum cleaners should have a big capacity for their dustbins. So you don’t have to empty it again and again after a short period of cleaning.

Choose a vacuum cleaner with a large bin capacity, so you have to empty it one time at the end of your cleaning session. Skip the vacuum cleaner if it has a low bin space because it will double your cleaning time.

Accessories: Next comes the attachments of vacuum cleaners which are also very critical. Always choose the vacuum cleaner to which you can attach a versatile range of accessories and a clean variety of floors or materials.

Warranty: It’s very critical to check whether a vacuum cleaner comes with an extended warranty and what parts are covered under it. If a manufacturer is confident enough about their product, they are going to offer a long warranty on it, however, this is not always the case. Still, a product with an extended warranty gives you peace of mind.

User reviews: Users write reviews about any product after using it for some time. Nowadays people buy any electronic device after viewing the reviews very carefully.  Always check the reviews of the model which you are interested in buying.

It will help you a lot as trusted websites like Amazon always puts fair and neutral review on their official site. Read at least five reviews before making up your mind about buying a specific model. In this way, you will get an honest opinion as users give an unbiased opinion.

Type of surfaces: People use vacuum cleaners for different purposes. Some of them use it for carpet cleaning, and others require it for furniture cleaning.  Office goers mainly require it to clean all their car mess.

Make sure to check the area of specification while buying a vacuum cleaner. The specific ones only work best on the surfaces for which they are designed. Otherwise, carpet cleaners don’t work on the tiles and so on. It also makes the process of buying very easy and less time-consuming.

Pet owners: Pets are always loved by everyone, especially in the UK where you can spot a cat or dog in every other house. Pet owners take note that upright and cylinder ones are the best vacuum cleaners that you need to buy. Check for the brush size and nozzles which can work in different degrees to ensure the proper cleaning of pet hair.

Basic, but helpful features: Always check the basic features before buying any vacuum cleaner. It should rotate at its maximum degrees. Its blower should work well and with optimum speed.

Low-speed blowers make the cleaning job very difficult. The following basic features should be present in every handheld or corded vacuum cleaner. The filter should be washable and removable. In this way, hygienic cleaning is ensured. Also, check the voltage capacity.

Bagged vs bagless: Bagless cleaners save your cost of buying bags. But these bagless vacuum cleaners also need extra cleaning filters like HEPA and continuous emptying of the bin. If you have any allergies to dust and dirt like asthma, then a bagless vacuum cleaner can be very problematic for you. As direct dust fumes are produced in these vacuum cleaners. So, choose accordingly.

Noise: In this noisy and alarming world, everyone wants to remain calm and cool even if it’s for a short period. We don’t consider this fact, but this should be on your list while buying a vacuum cleaner. Noisy vacuum cleaners are not liked by anyone, and they cause hearing problems in the long run.
So, look for a vacuum that has a low sound level.

Sales and discounts: Recently the prices of all electronic devices including vacuum cleaners have increased to a great extent. If you want to buy a vacuum, always look for discounts and sales.

In this way, you will save a great amount of money. So, subscribe to all the shops and e-stores which will notify you when their sale is live. Good-selling brands note down your phone numbers and will inform you through a text so that you don’t miss their sales. Christmas, Black Friday and other annual sales are the best days around the year for buying these electronic devices.

Top Vacuum brands: Every product is known by some of its best brands. These brands provide the best products to their customers with full responsibility for every part.

Brands charge you a little bit higher as compared to the local market, but they provide their best services. Following are some of the top brands for buying both handheld cordless and corded vacuum cleaners: Bissell, Dyson, Dirt Devil, Samsung, Hoover, Eureka, Kenmore, Roomba , Samsung, Shark

So, if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner, please check some options from the brands mentioned above.

Our Top 3 Best Hand Held Hoovers


Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld VacuumGtech Multi MK2

GTECH is one of the famous brands of vacuum cleaners. The Multi MK2 handheld hoover makes the process of home cleaning more enjoyable.

By using this vacuum, you can quickly clean the unreachable corners of your home which are otherwise difficult to clean.

This vacuum cleaner can be used on multi-surfaces by attaching different attachments that come included in the packaging box.


Black & Decker PD1820L-GB

Our second contender comes from the house of Black & Decker, a powerful and flexible portable cordless handheld hoover that easily cleans the corners of your home that are otherwise difficult to reach.

PD1820L-GB has a lightweight and compact design which makes PD1820L-GB a perfect candidate for cleaning car seats, sofas, and furniture.

With its cordless design, you can easily banish dirt and dust from your house.

Dyson V7 Handheld Vacuum UK
Dyson V6

A lightweight yet powerful portable handheld hoover that excels in cleaning pet fur, Dyson V6 is known to be a potent cordless cleaner that is suitable for all types of surfaces like carpets and tiles that can quickly clean the mess around your home.

This quiet and effective vacuum has all the flagship features that can catch your attention.

Vacuum Type Advice For Me

You have to consider the size of your house and the materials that you are going to clean with the vacuum. Whether you are a pet owner or you or any of your family members have dust-related allergies will also determine what will be the best vacuum type for you.

Lastly, you should think about the budget. Once you have the answers to all the above, then you can select any one of the vacuums given above.

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