How often can I use a steam mop?

Advantages of using a steam floor mop

As we discussed above, steam mops are different than traditional vacuums. So is their cleaning results. A steam floor mop will not only absorb all the dust particles and grime, but it also kills all the germs and allergens to give you a hygienically cleaned area.

Moreover, you do not have to use a bucket and mop to clean the floors, which is time-taking as well as stressful.

You can steam mop the house once a week. However, if you have a large family or you are living in a dust prone area, you should prefer mop cleaning twice or thrice a week. Once a month, use traditional cleaning methods to wipe out the floor. If you will such cleaning schedule, your house will remain dust-free and hygienic all over the year.

Required tools:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Steam floor mop
  • Three or four mop pads


Step 1: Vacuum clean the floor

It’s essential to wipe out the floor using a broom. It’s better to use a vacuum because its high suction power will pick up all the dust, grime and debris from the floor and its cracks. Once vacuum cleaned, you can use a steam mop on hard floors.

There are several multifunctional vacuums available in the market that can take care of the vacuuming as well as steam cleaning part. If you have one of those, then you don’t have to employ a broom or other vacuuming device.

Step 2: Prepare several mop pads

To avoid dust trailing while you mop, you should have multiple mop pads ready. Change the mop once it is heavily soiled and smearing the dirt around. Steam floor mops are available at a cost-effective price tag. If you have some pads available, but they are dirty. Machine wash the pillows and let them dry and reuse.

Step 3: If you love the house floor, make sure you check that it is water-resistant or safe to be exposed with steam. Steams are only suitable for sealed levels. Otherwise, the moisture can damage it. Remember another vital thing; never leave the steam mop unattended on the floor while it’s active. Otherwise, the moisture can damage the floor.

Can you use a steam mop on laminated floors?

Steam floor mops are generally safe to use of linoleum or vinyl and some laminated floors. Make sure you check for any water-resistant sign on the floors before using the mop. If you don’t have any confirmation about the laminated or any other floor safe to use with steam, you can perform a small test.

Use the steam mop once at any place and wait, if the lamination responds as it should continue cleaning. If you notice laminate curling, discolouration, or anything unnatural, then return to the traditional cleaning process or use a regular vacuum.

Some of the laminated floors are made of the special waterproof core, which can accept steam. However, to make sure that the lamination is steam safe, you can perform a straightforward test as described above.

Can you use a steam mop to clean wooden floors?

Some of the manufacturers claim that their steam floor mop is safe to use on a wooden surface. However, this is a significant statement to make. Only sealed wooden flooring can agree with some amount of steam. On the other hand, regular wood will be discoloured or warped if exposed to high steam.

You can check the wooden surface using the previous technique — drip a few drops of water on the wood surface and weight for five minutes. If the water droplet is absorbed, you do not have to continue any further. If it’s still there, you can use the steam mop.

Step 4: Ready the steam mop

Fill water in the tank, attach the mop pad with the central unit, and plug it in with one of the electric outlets near the targeted area. Follow the included instructions for each step.

Step 5: Steam clean the floor

Now you have everything ready, use the steam floor mop to wipe out the area. Keep moving the mop; never allow it to settle anywhere. Change the mop once you see that it’s not able to take more dirt. If you are cleaning a large area, it’s better to change the mop instead of going all over it again.

Once you are done, machine washes the pads, let them dry and keep it safe for future use.

Tips for using a steam floor mop

We know that steam vacuums come in different sizes and weight. Their features also differ depending upon the brand and model. However, whatsoever the steam mop is, you have to follow some of the basic rules to get optimum cleaning.

  • Check the dirt level: A steam mop is only for maintenance cleaning. If the area is heavily soiled, then traditional cleaning combined with vacuum and steam mop is recommended.
  • Floor preparation: Vacuum the floor first to remove dry dust and debris.
  • Keep spare mops: Replace the mop pad as soon as it gets dirty.
  • Use only on a suitable floor: Make sure you use the steam floor mop only on hard floors. Use variable speed knob/settings to control the steam flow depending upon the level.

How to Clean Floors Efficiently with a Steam Mop?

If you want maximum cleanliness in your house, steam vacuums are one of the best solutions. A steam cleaner has a simple functionality. It uses water to generate steam that gives you deep cleaning.

Steam mops are not only inexpensive but also they don’t use any of the chemical components that can disturb your health or environment. Using a steam floor mop is easy, but you should know the correct process to get the most out of it.

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