Best Swimming Pool Accessories UK

Do you want your pool to operate at its full efficiency?

Well, then try some of the basic tools that you will ever need to keep the pool clean. You will find plenty of other items that are either optional or just luxury.

Here, we will only talk about the basic swimming pool equipment and accessories UK that are crucial.

Swimming Pool Accessories & Equipments

Do you know how to keep the pool water crystal clear?

How to keep it warm?

Or do you have any other questions about the chemicals and filters?

You will find all the answers today.

1. Telescopic Pole

telescopic pole pool

Let’s start with a multi-tasking pool equipment that you can use for brushing, skimming and more. The telescopic pole is the Swiss army knife of swimming pools because you can use it for almost everything.

As its name implies, you can adjust the length of a telescopic pole. Such a feature offers excellent flexibility when you are cleaning the pool water. So, if you want to save a lot of time and effort, then invest in aluminium made pole with a thick tube.


2. Pool Skimmer

pool skimmer

Are you wondering about the floating items around the pool and how will you remove them? Well, a pool skimmer could be the best assistance in this process. Snap it on the end of a telescopic tool and use the net to skim the water.

As you will move the net, it will collect leaves, cups, wrappers, bugs, and all other solid waste. Flat and bag nets are the available options to choose from. We recommend flat ones because they are easier to use and clean. In case of any confusion, try the option from TedGem.


3. Pool Brush Attachment

pool brush attachment

Thin layers of algae are a common situation on the walls, steps and floor of your swimming pool. The algae build up depends upon your maintenance schedule, but all the pool owners experience such conditions.

So, what could be the best way to tackle them? Well, you can use a pool brush to keep the pool healthy and avoid any green or cloudy water.

What’s more? It’s the best way to maintain the chemical levels in your pool for a long time. You will find different types of pool brushes in the market.

  • Concrete pools: Prefer a stainless steel brush, but you also try a nylon one
  • Guinite pools: Go with a stainless steel brush
  • Fibreglass, painted concrete and vinyl pools: Only nylon brush will work


4. Vacuum Head

Vacuum Head

Similar to a pool skimmer net, you need to attach a swimming pool vacuum head to the telescopic pole. Once ready, you need to start cleaning the pool floor using your physical power.

Generally, a vacuum head needs a hose. So, you need to connect the pole, vacuum head and hose for desired cleaning results.


5. Vacuum Hose

Vacuum Hose

As we were discussing above, the vacuum hose is a necessary item that you need to vacuum the pool. So, gift yourself a durable vacuum hose because it’s worth your investment.

It connects with the vacuum head and supplies the required pressure to collect all the dust as well as other debris. Try a flexible vacuum hose with a length of at least 30 feet.


6. Filter

Pool Filter

A filtration system is very important for your pool. It purifies the water by removing dirt, debris and other contaminants. If you want the pool to be safe for everyone in your family and guests, then it’s the primary component required. There are three types of pool filters available in the market including sand, cartridge and DE filters.

All these filters work well against the impurities, but you need to choose one of them according to the budget and requirements. If you are a new pool owner, then try a sand filter without any doubt. It’s a basic filtration system that’s affordable but seeks regular maintenance.

Using a sand filter means you need to backwash it every two weeks. Keep in mind that such a filter can capture particles up to 30 to 40 microns.

Cartridge filters can stop particles up to 10 – 15 microns. Such filtration needs two cleanings every season. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filtration performs best by all the dirt and impurities. A DE filter can stop even the smallest particles worth 2 to 5 microns. You need to clean it as per the water pressure in the pump.


7. Filter Media

Depending upon the filter type you choose, keep a replacement set of media. So that whenever it’s the time to maintain the filters, you can simply replace their media.

Investing in such a component is crucial, otherwise, you need to visit a nearby pool outlet without any notice. Remember to check the filters after every 2 to 3 months.


8. Pool Pump

pool filter

A pool pump is the mind of your in-house water reserve. It powers the heating and filtration process. Means, pool pump is the primary component that passes the water through all the pipelines, filter, heater and then back into the pool. There are three different types of pool pump available to purchase; single speed, dual speed and variable speed.

For maximum features and energy-efficient performance, try a pump with variable speed. It’s easy to understand from the name that a pump with variable speed allows you to switch the water speed settings.

So, you can leave the water in gentle flow all over the night. When it’s time to clear a pool spoiled by algae to build up, you can use maximum speed.


9. Pool Heater

A swimming pool heater allows you to enjoy warm water irrelevant to the weather. No matter it’s a chilly weekend in fall or scorching afternoon of summers, you can get the required temperature as per your comfort.

You will find plenty of pool heaters in the market, but a pool heat pump is the most cost-efficient among them.


10. Chemicals

Pool Chemicals

We cannot call them equipment, but pool chemicals are equally important. All the above-mentioned tools can keep your pool clean and free from dirt, leaves and bugs. However, chemicals keep the pool water germ free and safe for your body. What you need is mentioned below.

  • Chlorine to work as a sanitizer
  • Alkaline
  • Pool Enzymes
  • Metal Sequestrate
  • Algaecide


11. Caulk

The areas around the pool will crack over time. If you don’t take care of such small cracks, they might develop into a significant spilt that will collect dirt, moss and mildew.

To prevent such situations, you need a silicon rubber mix compound. Using such a product will make sure there is no water seeping through these cracks that might result in a bigger damage.

If you want to save yourself from expensive repair tasks, then the caulk is one of the most important tools that you need to maintain a pool.


12. Pumice stone

Excess of mineral buildup can stain the internal walls or floor of your pool. You should check such damage once or twice every year. When you want to remove them, lower the water level and use a pumice stone to scrub clean. At the same time, you can also repair or replace any of the damaged tiles.


13. Fibre Glass Cleaner and Polish

Check the slides and diving boards for any signs of damage. You can use a fibreglass cleaner to protect such surfaces from the sunrays. Polish will maintain their shine and also protect them from water and dirt.

Optional swimming pool equipment that makes your life easy


14. Chlorine Feeder

Chlorine Feeder

Adding chlorine to the pool every week could be troublesome, but you can change it by investing on a tablet dispenser. Fill it up with some chlorine tablets, adjust the frequency and the pool will be good for many weeks.


15. Automatic Pool Cleaner

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Skimming, vacuuming and scrubbing the pool could be fitness activity for some, but not everyone can perform such maintenance steps without taking external help. Do you think a senior citizen can follow these tips? However, there is a machine that can do all the tasks on your behalf.

As you can easily guess, an automatic pool cleaner moves over a pool and brushes as well as vacuums all the surfaces. You will find three different types of pool cleaner; pressure side, suction side and robotic.

Such a tool reduces your workload to a great extent. If you need a true automatic cleaner that can perform all the maintenance tasks without any interferences, then try a robotic pool cleaner.


16. Pool Leveler

Pool Leveler

Are you aware that a pool loses water every day? Natural evaporation, small leaks and water splashes are some of the common reasons. No matter how much you try, you cannot avoid it. Due to regular water loss, its crucial to maintain its proper level. So, try some of the given tips.

  • Use a cover to reduce evaporation up to 75 per cent
  • Try an automatic pool leveler that can refill the water without any interference. This device attaches to your garden hose and hangs along the edges of the pool. It’s the best solution because of a built-in sensor that monitors water levels and maintains the same whenever there is a drop.
  • Assemble a pool heater to regulate the water temperature


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