Best Toy Vacuum Cleaner UK 2024

Small kids try to simulate their parents and their activities, including vacuuming the house. They want to use the vacuum cleaner, but you cannot allow such because of safety reasons.

In such circumstances, a toy vacuum cleaner comes into the picture. Playing with a kids hoover develop their mind in a better way and also trains them about the daily households tasks they need to take in the future.

Best Toy Vacuum Cleaners 2024

Here are our top-rated kid vacuum reviews in UK 2024.

1. Fisher-Price FNR97  Toy Vacuum

  • Recommended Age: 1 – 3 years
  • Power: Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Extras. Batteries

The Laugh and Learn vacuum can keep your child engaged for hours. It has many music varieties that will be enjoyed by the toddler in your house.

Its vibrant colour and design immediately catch the attention of the young ones, but it’s the feature that keeps the excitement continued for a long time.

There are thirty songs and several phrases that the kid can learn alone or in your guidance. Songs will keep him, or she entertained, while the new words will help develop their communication skills.


2. Casdon 610 Toy DysonDC14- Kids Hoover

  • Recommended Age: 36 months – 7 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power: Requires 4 C batteries
  • Extras. None

If your kid wants to copy the motion of cleaning floors, give them the Cadson toy vacuum that is a replica of famous Dyson DC14. With real suction and twist-action, its functional and practical to life.

The toy vacuum can pick dust and debris to give your small ones a real-life experience of vacuuming. You will also find a debris canister that can be emptied so that they can start learning at early ages to grow in a smart kid.

To attract them more, there is a transparent canister filled with soft, colourful beads, which revolves to simulate the cyclone function of DC 14.


3. Casdon Dyson Ball Children’s Vacuum Cleaner

  • Recommended Age: 36 months – 7 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power: Requires 4 C batteries
  • Extras. None

With an authentic look and feel, the vacuum for kids from Casdon also has the sound of a full-sized vacuum. Its powerhead can pick some of the dust to store them in a small debris collector. The kids can also empty the dust canister once required.

Similar to the previous entry, this one also has a transparent canister carrying some colourful balls, which can also be a demonstration of how cyclone cleaning works. The toy hoovers for toddlers has an impressive display of colours while for young kids, it gives some real experiences.


4. Children’s Dyson Ball Vacuum

  • Recommended Age: 12 months – 12 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Requires 2AA batteries
  • Extras. Batteries

If your kids want to clean the house to help, give them something special. The cute looking toy cleaner is a direct replica of Dyson latest ball based vacuum.

So, the kids vacuum includes the real suction and twists floor head to show them how a vacuum cleaner works. Moving colourful balls inside a clear canister displays how a cyclone cleaning functions, plus there is also a dust collecting box that needs to be emptied once required.

If you let them play with the Children’s toy vacuum, they can learn a lot about real-life experiences.


5. CASDON Little Helper Dyson DC22 Toy Vacuum

  • Recommended Age. Three years and up
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Requires 4 C batteries
  • Extras. Detachable wand

Casdon offers a realistic copy of famous Dyson DC22 to your little fellows. Similar to the real one, the vacuum toy picks up a small quantity of dirt, and all of them goes to a canister. Once filled, kids can take the dust box out, empty it and start vacuuming once again.

To make the game even more exciting, there is music and colourful beads that swirls in action while the children’s vacuum cleaner is in effect.

The vacuum toy works in two modes; one only with the music and bead motion while the other activates suction power and real vacuuming experience.


6. Casdon Numatic Little Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner

  • Recommended Age. 3 to 8 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Requires 4 C batteries
  • Extras. Pan and Brush

With exciting features, Little Henry is a must-have for your kids. Its suction power is enough to pick up small dust particles through the “T” shaped floor head. The battery-powered motor generates the suction to give young ones a display of vacuum cleaner working.

Its clear tube shows the dust particles moving, which is another fascination for them to see how air suction takes the dirt along.

The kids hoover includes a brush and pan that can be stored inside the drum. There is also a dust canister that adds to its realistic design.


7. Casdon 616 Little Hetty

  • Recommended Age. 36 months and above
  • Real Suction. Yes
  • Power. Requires 4 C batteries

Replica of the well-known pink Hetty, Casdon 616 comes with real suction power to pick up small dust particles and store them in a plastic container.

Once filled, the dust container can be emptied. Similar to Little Henry, Hetty also has a transparent tube that showcases vacuum functionality. As it has a pink design, the toy vacuum will be more suitable for your daughter.

However, always be the supervisor while she plays with Hetty, her little cleaning partner, who not only keeps her engaged but also teaches how to use a real vacuum cleaner.


8. Theo Klein 6843 “Miele” Vacuum Cleaner

  • Recommended Age. 36 months – 12 years
  • Real Suction. No
  • Power. Batteries
  • Extras. Dustpan and brush

Looks exactly like the original, and the toy also has the ability of suction or bin cleaning. For entertainment, it has music, familiar sounds like Daddy, Mummy etc.

As the vacuum has the appearance and design just like the original Miele vacuum, the kid will be able to understand the anatomy and its movement will teach him or her; how a vacuum cleaner can be used.

Adult supervision is recommended while the toy vacuum is used by a kid. So, you can spend this weekend telling your kid how vital cleanliness is and how you two can take care of the same using a vacuum cleaner.


9. Casdon Dyson Cordless Vacuum Replica Dyson

  • Recommended Age. 36 months – 7 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Batteries
  • Extras. None

Little ones like to roam around in the house pretending that they are doing something productive; like you. This replica has been specially designed true to its life by Casdon to provide them with real-life cleaning experience and make them feel that they are with you on this.

True to its details, the vacuum toy teaches them how a vacuum works, so that they can be independent at an early age.

The casdon dyson cordless vacuum moves like one of the real Dysons, making them learn how to tackle highs and lows of life. Sounds and music add to the joy.


10. Casdon Deluxe Hetty Cleaning Trolley

  • Recommended Age. 36 months – 7 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Requires 3 AA batteries
  • Extras. Winger, sweeping brush, dustpan, a paper bag to collect the debris and a cleaning cloth.

For several reasons, kids love to clean floors. You can keep them entertained with this Deluxe Hetty cleaning trolley, which is available in two colours – red and pink. Using the batteries, the toy hoover works similar to a real vacuum; picks up dust and stores them in a dust container.

There are many playful attachments as you read above. All of them can be stored on the trolley as you can guess with its name. The Hetty and its face parts come as a sticker that you have to arrange and place at the right location.


11. Melissa & Doug Wooden Vacuum Cleaner Play Set

  • Recommended Age. 36 months – 6 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Not required
  • Extras. Eight wooden pieces and cleaning checklist

Give your kids the liberty to play with cleaning using this wooden vacuum cleaner by Melissa & Doug. The kid-sized vacuum toy comes with eight wooden pieces including cereal, pretzel, ring, paper clips, popcorn, button, bandage and coin.

All of them disappear beneath the vacuum cleaner, and you have a cleaning checklist as well to make sure that your kid has identified these objects.

Remove the lid to take those wooden pieces and scatter them again for repeated activity. There is a knob on the handle, which makes a click. Moreover, there are games for three-year-old kids and much more.


12. Casdon Hetty Cleaning Trolley

  • Recommended Age. 36 months – 6 years
  • Real Suction- No
  • Power. Not required
  • Extras. Long-handled brush broom, debris bag, dustpan and hand brush, simulated bottles,

One of the best cleaning kit for kids wherein they can pretend, explore and discover new things in their life. Visually attractive, the Hetty cleaning trolley enhances the problem-solving skills and develops the coordination between hand and eyes in your kids. Moving cart gives them a sense of independence and sense of responsibility.

Your kid will love the smiling face of Hetty and its included attachments. As the cleaning trolley has a pink appearance, it will suit the girls.


13. deAO Housekeeping Cleaning Trolley

  • Recommended Age. 36 months – 6 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. 3 AA batteries
  • Extras. Self-assembled cart, Broom, two dustpans, sponge mop, and detergent.

If your kids like to push around the vacuum and use the related accessories as you do, then the vacuum cleaner cart is one of the best gifts for them. With a real-life vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools, it helps to sharpen their imagination and problem-solving skills.

The vacuum cleaner included with the trolley picks up dust particles just like a regular upright and stores them in a dust canister. All the materials in the cart are made of safe materials and are nontoxic to your kids.


14. Disney, Minnie Mouse Vacuum Cleaner

  • Recommended Age. 2 years+
  • Item Weight 898 g
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries

Another toy vacuum based on Minnie Mouse Vacuum Cleaner. However, the qualities are the same as Cason toy cleaner; suction power to pick up small dust particles and sound similar to a real vacuum cleaner.

It also has some colourful beads inside a transparent canister that show them moving the vacuum is at work. The vacuum toy also has a twisting floor head and a dust canister that needs emptying once filled.

Overall, you are not purchasing a toy for your kid; you are gifting him a partner with whom he can learn some of the household cleaning techniques.


15. VTech Counting Colours Vacuum Cleaner

  • Recommended Age. 12 months and up
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Extras. Batteries and three plastic balls

Perfect vacuum toy for the little ones who love to pretend. You have two modes to get the children engaged for a long; learning and music. It plays beautiful sounds and music while a kid moves the vacuum forward.

Moreover, it is provided with three plastic balls that can be picked by the vacuum, so that they can learn counting and the working of a vacuum.

There is a dog character included with the vacuum that sings and repeats phrases. Looking at the features and design, we must say: it’s the best toy hoover for 2 years old.


16. CASDON Little Helper Dyson Cord-free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • Recommended Age. 6 months – 3 years
  • Real Suction- No
  • Power. 3 AA batteries
  • Extras. Crevice tool, brush, and three other attachments

Most kids love to imitate their parents. If yours is one of them, then gift him or her the handheld vacuum cleaner from Casdon, which comes with five different attachments that work on a variety of surfaces.

Kids will love swapping the accessories and discovering which one works where. Realistic sound and movement of coloured beads complete the attractive arrangement that makes them learn something new and exciting.

Made of high-quality plastic, the toy is guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear created by the kids so that it can stay their cleaning assistance for a long time.


10. Casdon Henry Hoover Toy

  • Recommended Age. 6 months – 13 years
  • Real Suction- Yes
  • Power. Requires 4 C batteries
  • Extras. Dustpan and brush

Kids like to spend maximum time with their mother. Make them feel special always by keeping them with you while vacuuming. This fantastic toy vacuum is a replica of the famous Henry vacuum.

The toy Henry hoover made to keep your son or daughter busy for extended hours. Things will get more active when they see the dustpan and brush that can be stored inside the drum.

Power cable and dust container add to the realistic design. However, allow them to play only when you are around.

What is a Toy Vacuum & What makes them so popular?

Kids love role-playing and anything that their parents do, they want to copy the same. Whether it’s cooking or cleaning the house, they want to get involved everywhere. It’s the reason why parents should take this as a positive sign and try to develop them more rationally.

One of the best possible ways to do so; give them toys that are not only colourful, entertaining and attractive but also that can help them developmentally. Vacuum toy is one of them that can improve their hand-to-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Not only this, but they will also grow into a responsible and smart citizen. Once ready, you can hand over the housecleaning to them, and you can spend your valuable time on other essential tasks. These are the reasons why toy vacuums are famous.

Is this Dyson toy vacuum the perfect kids Christmas present?

Manufactured by Cadson, Dyson toy vacuum is a replica that has removable debris box, several attachments, suction power to pick up small debris and also makes sounds like a fully grown cleaner.

These are the reason why it can be a perfect gift for kids this Christmas, especially for those who want to join hands with you on the house cleaning front.

You can find the Dyson toy vacuum on Amazon. If you want to order the same, do it from the same online store. If you do not like this one, then we have already discussed several toy vacuums above. However, none of the others has this much suction strength and realistic design.


Keep in mind that even the safest toys have the risk while it’s being used by a small kid who does not know anything. Children can swallow small parts like wooden items or beads if they are not under your supervision.

So, let them play with a toy vacuum cleaner only when you are around and keep them safe; as safe as possible.

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